Tractor Tire Sizes Available

Tire size is very important when selecting the right chains for your machine. On the sidewall of the tire you will see a series of numbers. The first number tells the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. In the instance pictured here, the tire thickness is 13.6 inches. The last number always tells you the diameter rim the tire is made to go on. In the instance on this page the tire is made with a 28 inch diameter hole for the wheel. With these two measurements you can find a chain for any tire. Occasionally you will see a third number, it follows a slash (/) after the first number. This middle number tells you a ratio for the height of the tire from the rim to the outside edge. If your tire size was 235/75/15 it means your tire is 235MM thick, and the height of the tire outside the rim is 75% of 235 which is 176.25MM, and the wheel diameter is 15 inches.


Tractor Tire Sizes Available: